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Relief & Rehabilitation Activities

The Mission headquarters rendered the following services during the year under review :
Fees to 17 students and medical help to 435 needy people of Howrah district, financial help was given to needy women, poor students and poor patients amounting to Rs. 2,84,979/- (No. of beneficiaries:   occasional : 99 ; monthly : 151), while milk and foodstuff was given to 2775 students and others, and clothes & blankets  distributed among 2984 and 7975 beneficiaries respectively. The distribution of the above articles was done in Dakshineswar and other places through the headquarters and the centres in Burdwan, Thakurnagar, Gangarampore, Balurghat and Kantanagar as well as through Nivedita School, Matribhavan, the welfare centre in Siriti and some other institutions. Total expenditure involved :  Rs.17,84,900/-.

Welfare activities at Pangot, Dist. Nainital :
Sunday classes were held regularly for 96 children.  They were taught Sanskrit shlokas, elementary English language, a few bhajans and handicrafts, involving an expenditure of
Rs. 71,635/- for the tiffin of the children, as well as for medicines and pecuniary help to a few village people.  69 women and girls from Pangot and nearby villages were taught various handicrafts, knitting, embroidery, crochet work, bag-making etc. Knitting needle kits and writing material were distributed among all the members of the wool-work class. Exhibition-cum-sales were also organized at the Mission campus in Pangot at some of the retreats.  The women received the proceeds of these sales.  They also receive specific orders from various sources.  Educational help amounting to Rs. 1,78,517/- was given to 31 poor students of Pangot village and other places, while  clothes, sarees and warm garments were occasionally distributed among poor villagers.  Blankets worth Rs. 30,280/- were also distributed among needy people of the area.  Satsang was arranged every month for the village women (average attendance : 30).

Welfare activities at Baladbandh, Dist. Hooghly :

Coaching classes from standard I to XII with 180 students and Sunday classes for 50 children were conducted regularly at the centre.  Light tiffin (milk, biscuits etc.) and school materials were given to them. Pecuniary help was given to 80 poor villagers of Baladbandh amounting to Rs. 16,960/-. Vratachari classes counted an average attendance of 50.  Sarees, dhotis and children’s dresses worth Rs. 19,936/- were distributed among 250 women and children at the time of Durga Puja, while 500 blankets worth Rs. 87,500/- were distributed among needy people. Cultural classes were also held for the village women. The charitable homoeopathic dispensary treated 650 patients. Medicines worth Rs. 2,848/- were distributed free.

Total expenditure incurred by the Mission headquarters for relief and welfare : Rs. 26,21,225/-.

As every year, the Math headquarters also undertook welfare activities :
Financial help was given to needy women, poor students and poor patients (No. of beneficiaries : occasional : 95, monthly : 70), while Chhatu and biscuits were distributed among needy students and others. Besides, sarees, clothes and blankets were distributed among 2205 and 7000 beneficiaries respectively, in Dakshineswar and other places through the Ramakrishna Sarada Mission centres at Gangarampore and Balurghat.

Apart from the above, all the Math centres gave help, in cash and kind, to needy students, women and children.
The Nivedita School distributed daily cooked food among poor and needy people of the locality (No. of beneficiaries : 80 every day; amount spent : Rs. 2,31,559/-), while sarees and clothes worth Rs. 1,98,592/- were distributed among 560 poor women at the time of Durga Puja, and Rs. 30,665/- were spent for giving tiffin, milk, medicines etc. to 17 beneficiaries; the Siriti centre also distributed clothes, warm garments and mosquito nets worth Rs. 1,62,650/- among 1118 needy women and children, including pecuniary and medical help.  The New Delhi centre spent Rs. 3,36,281/- for distribution of woollen and cotton garments, slippers, school bags and school materials, nutritious food, medicines as well as pecuniary help to the needy (No. of beneficiaries : 812).

The following centres continued to help students in various ways :  Matribhavan, Sister Nivedita Girls’ School, the Ashrama, Vivekananda Vidyabhavan,  Shiksha Mandir and the Siriti centre in Kolkata, the centre in Kantanagar, the village centres in West Bengal and the centres in New Delhi, Khonsa, Thiruvanantha-puram, Calicut, Indore and Guntur.  The Nivedita School conducted a coaching class for slum children of Baghbazar area, whereas the Shiksha Mandir ran an informal school for basti children of Alambazar.  The centre in New Delhi also conducted coaching classes for poor children of Shahpurjat village as well as a non-formal primary school for basti children of Hauz Khas area, and gave financial help to students of different schools for pursuing their studies.  Besides, the centre conducted adult education classes for women as well as tailoring and knitting classes (attendance : 16).

During the year, the Mission spent a total of Rs. 2,21,15,320/-, while the Math spent Rs. 1,57,56,213/- towards relief, welfare and rural uplift work.

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